Tired every morning of fighting in front of the mirror to get your tie knot in the right spot and the tips to end where they should?

Commercial ties normally come in two fixed lengths; regular length ( 57 to 58 inches long) and Extra long (61 to 63 inches long), that is alright for many people, but there is a big number of people like us that don't fit in the model of the standard size ties and they are either to short or too long.

As a general rule for all the types of tie knots, the tip of the widest part of the tie should hung about the upper part of your belt buckle or just a 1/4" below it and the tip of the narrow point should hung about an inch and a half short of the tip with the widest point... but it does not, the tip of the narrow end hung wherever it may be and more often that not all out of its keeper, if it is a short tie; if it is a longer tie than need it for our height and neck circumference then you may have to hide part of the narrow end tucking inside your shirt. Well no longer we have to deal with this problems, Ripley Shirt Company has partner up with an Italian silk tie manufacturer in creating a line of silk ties designs that you can order with the proper length and personalize with your initials. Simply measure your existing tie from one end to the other, make your favorite knot and place it in your shirt collar as you normally would, please, make sure the tip of the widest end is hanging about 1/3"bellow the upper edge of the belt buckle, then proceed to measure the distance between the tip of the narrow end and the tip of the widest end add it to the total length of the tie measured previously and that's it, that simple, give us that measure; your initials , if desire, and from now on you will have the perfect length tie every time with a pocket square to match.




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