Custom Features


Fine custom Features

Each customer has and individual (computer generated) pattern. All shirts are hand cut for each customer.


"SINGLE NEEDLE" set-in sleeves. Double stitched but only one row of stitching visible for that fine,hand-sewn, custom tailored apperearance.


"SUPER-DURABLE" buttons (7 down the front) sewn on a special button mounting will stand five times the strain of buttons sewn on the ordinary way.


Hand cut and hand turned cuffs. Fully finished two part placket with button and buttonhole. Two hand turned tucks in sleeve and cuff.


Full length tails that stay tucked in.


All pockets are hand cut and hand matched to the fabric pattern.


Two piece yoke is top stitched (front and back).


Hand cut collars individually designed to personal taste.

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Request Fabric Samples

If you feel it's necessary to get a feel of the fabric before placing an order we provide samples. Please contact us to send you free samples.


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Ripley's Tailored Shirts

Ripley Shirts Company offers finely tailored shirts for men and women in a variety of sizes. A great tailored shirt is an important part of any wardrobe. We offer tailored shirts in sizes and styles including men's tailored dress shirts, big and tall tailored dress shirts, women's tailored dress shirts and petite tailored shirts. Our tailored shirt is available in a variety of natural fabrics and colors that look fabulous with or without a jacket.