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Ripley Shirts has one of the most comprehensive custom shirt manufacturing programs, our collection contains over 700 of the finest cotton shirting fabrics and our styling book allows your customers one of the widest arrays of styling possibilities in the industry. Our collection is updated twice a year with new fabrics reflecting the new trends of the market. The cost of our Sales Kit is $350.00, and if your company maintains a sales average of $3500.00 per season, the fabric line will be updated at no cost.

Normally we require a minimum of 4 shirts per order. For orders containing a lesser number of shirts an extra fee of $25.00 will be charged to the order, but, in order to help our new dealers with introducing our products to their customers, for a period of 120 days, the minimum order fee will be suspended.

We required every order to be filled out with the following measures: Yoke (to the 1/4"); Chest( to the 1/2"); Waist (widest part of the stomach, to the 1/2), Neck (to the 1/4"); Right & left sleeves (to the 1/4"), Right & Left Cuffs (to the 1/4"), Height or tail ( to the full 1"); Hip (to full 1") and Weight. In order to provide your customers with the best fitting shirt possible we encourage our dealers to provide us with Shoulders incline descriptions (Slope, Square and normal, or if one of the shoulders is lower than the other one); Chest form (raised or sunken); Head posture( sleight forward, forward or erect) and stomach ( flat, normal or prominent). Also we provide trial shirt services for hard to fit costumers, in this case you will provide us with the full order to secure the fabrics and we will produce one of the shirts to fit your costumer and perform, if necessary, the alterations needed to assure the best possible fit. Pictures are welcome (they do speak a thousand words).

Our delivery time usually 14 to 28 business days and all our shirts are guaranteed; we do stand by our product.

Sorry, but at this time our company does not offer credit terms, all shirts, with no exceptions, must be fully paid for before it leaves our factory, we require to have on file a form payment, either credit card or check, 50% of the order payment is required to start production, the remaining balance will be required upon completion of the shirt. A COD option is available for completed balances in the form of a money order or a cashier's check only! Every order of 4 shirts and over will have a 10% discount of the wholesale price.

Suit line cost is $500.00


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Ripley's Tailored Shirts

Ripley Shirts Company offers finely tailored shirts for men and women in a variety of sizes. A great tailored shirt is an important part of any wardrobe. We offer tailored shirts in sizes and styles including men's tailored dress shirts, big and tall tailored dress shirts, women's tailored dress shirts and petite tailored shirts. Our tailored shirt is available in a variety of natural fabrics and colors that look fabulous with or without a jacket.