Our History

George Ripley began manufacturing custom made dress shirts in a small workroom in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas, Texas in 1920.  The first shirts that Mr. Ripley manufactured were of surplus Airplane Cloth that he had purchased from the government.  The shirts were virtually indestructible.

Mr. Ripley continued to grown the business with new and innovative manufacturing methods.  Between the years of 1923-1935, Mr. Ripley obtained six patents related to shirt making with the U.S. Patent Office.  He continued the shirt manufacturing business through the 1930s and most of the 1940s during witch time the Ripley Shirt company was converted to a wartime factory for uniform shirts.

The Ripley Shirt Company was acquired by a number of prominent Dallas businessmen in 1949 shortly after Mr. Ripley left the business to pursue real estate endeavors.  These businessmen hired George and Julia Brown to manage the business.  Mr. and Mrs. Brown had begun working for Mr. Ripley shortly after high school graduation in 1928 and had over twenty years of experience in the shirt business.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown worked hard and began purchasing Ripley stock whenever it became available.  By 1960 Mr. & Mrs. Brown owned 25% of the stock. Mr. Brown died in 1964; however, Mrs. Brown continued in the business and in 1971 Mrs. Brown and her son Jerry acquired the remaining stock in the company.  Julia and Jerry successfully ran the business together through the 1970’s and 1980’s. Mrs. Brown retired in 1991 after over 60 years in the custom shirt business.

In December 2003, DeSantis Corp. acquired the Ripley Shirt Company from Jerry Brown.  The company building was included in the purchase to insure that the Ripley custom shirts will continue to be made in Dallas, Texas for many years to come.

Mr. DeSantis gave the opportunity to his employees.  Sergio Melconian who was the production manager at the time, took over the company founding the Oak Cliff Shirt Company dba Ripley Shirt Company.  Mr. Melconian brought to the company more than twenty five years of international experience on the textile and garment industries.

Mr. Harry Hudson comes on board and on November 1st. and Ripley Shirt Company, LLC is born. Together Harry Hudson and Sergio Melconian have formulated an ambitious plan to continue the growth of the company and build upon the rich history by reaching customers in new and exciting ways.  The two are bringing new technologies and leading edge business practices to transform Ripley Shirt Company into a model of success in the industry.

Harry Hudson & Sergio Melconian



Our Address:
5631 Dyer St. 
Dallas, TX, USA 75206
Hours of Operation:
Mon. to Fri.  9am to 7pm
Saturdays 9 am to 3pm

Ripley's Tailored Shirts

Ripley Shirts Company offers finely tailored shirts for men and women in a variety of sizes. A great tailored shirt is an important part of any wardrobe. We offer tailored shirts in sizes and styles including men's tailored dress shirts, big and tall tailored dress shirts, women's tailored dress shirts and petite tailored shirts. Our tailored shirt is available in a variety of natural fabrics and colors that look fabulous with or without a jacket.