It is the policy and purpose of the Ripley Shirt Company to make the best shirt possible, using the bet materials available and to give the customer More Vale Per Dollar than nay other shirt on the market.

TAILORING of Ripley shirts is unsurpassed. The most minute details of every shirt receive meticulous attention in keeping with Ripley's tradition of fine workmanship. There is a separate operator for every small portion of the shirt. Details such as hemming the tails, applying the box pleats, making collars or sewing in the sleeves is the work of a separate individual. Thus, a shirt is handled by many thoroughly trained, skilled operators, many of whom have been with the Ripley Shirt Company fifteen, twenty, and even twenty five years. Ripley pays top wages which enables the company to keep highly skilled operators who take pride in their excellent workmanship.

The finest shirt making machinery, much of it of exclusive design, contributes largely to high grade workmanship found in Ripley Shirts. The company has a patented pocket folding machine. No human hand can produce the perfectly molded pocket found on Ripley Shirts.

FINE STYLING of Ripley shirts is the finest money can buy. Ripley styling is the result of many years of experience in making fine shirts.

QUALITY is essential in every part of a Ripley shirt from the linings, buttons and threads to the actual material from which the shirt is made. The Ripley Shirt Company contracts directly with many textile mills for its materials. There are found many designs among the Ripley patterns which are not available from other sources.

VALUE is the result of workmanship and quality coupled with the many exclusive features found in Ripley shirts. The Ripley Shirt Company gives its many customers unequaled values and justifies its slogan More Value Per Dollar.

*Every yard of material used in Ripley shirts is pre shrunk. Most of it is Sanforized.



Our Address:
5631 Dyer St. 
Dallas, TX, USA 75206
Hours of Operation:
Mon. to Fri.  9am to 7pm
Saturdays 9 am to 3pm

Ripley's Tailored Shirts

Ripley Shirts Company offers finely tailored shirts for men and women in a variety of sizes. A great tailored shirt is an important part of any wardrobe. We offer tailored shirts in sizes and styles including men's tailored dress shirts, big and tall tailored dress shirts, women's tailored dress shirts and petite tailored shirts. Our tailored shirt is available in a variety of natural fabrics and colors that look fabulous with or without a jacket.